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Welcome to the future of eye exams
The first mobile, virtual reality ophthalmological screening device with multiple exams in one.

Introducing the Next Generation of Eye Exams

5 Exams in 20 Minutes
Using the latest advancements in eye tracking software, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality, Xenon-VR conducts multiple, multifaceted eye-screening tests at once. Our cutting-edge technology offers detection of early signs of life-threatening eye diseases such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.
WHY Xenon-VR
Patient puts the goggles on just like a VR headset

Exam administrator determines which tests to run and guides the patient through the exam process

Administrator uses a tablet with custom-designed hardware and software to record data 
Eye-tracking technology reads the user’s eye motion and reports data to an eyecare provider
Data is safely backed up in the cloud
Xenon-VR is going to change the convenience and standard of patient care. It allows for the evolution of the product and increased patient accessibility, while continually revolutionizing eye care in the exam room.
Dr. Michelle Phan, O.D
Residency in Ocular Disease & Primary Care, Optometrist
Xenon-VR could have a major impact in finally integrating substantial telehealth technology into current eye-care practices
Dr. David M. Imondi, O.D, FAAO
U.S Department of Veterans Affairs, Optometrist
Xenon-VR allows for patients to be comfortable and focused during visual field testing, eliminating issues of poor positioning and discomfort in bulky traditional perimeters that can lead to inaccurate and unreliable results.
Dr. Janelle Fern, O.D
Veterans Affairs Med CTR, Optometrist
WHY xenon-vr
Current problem
Existing Equipment is Inefficient

Diagnostic eye exams are costly, manual, slow, susceptible to human error, and not portable.

Table Equipment Limits Visits
Eye care providers aren’t examining and treating as many patients as they could, leaving results and revenue on the table
Lack of Access
Patients who need eye screenigns often lack access to an eye care provider, thus leaving potential eye diseases untreated and unmonitored
Xenon-VR Solution
Xenon-VR is Fast & Accurate
Virtual Reality headset integrated with eye-tracking, AI, and machine learning for fast, accurate, and portable multi-functional diagnostic screenings.
Increase Revenue
Because it’s fast and portable, XVR increases the number of patients seen per provider.
Reshaping the Eye exam
Xenon-VR streamlines the eye care diagnostics process making it easier to give more access to more people who need it.

Serving Underserved Area Across the world

The founders of Xenon-VR proudly identify as immigrants and people of color. In addition to bringing Xenon-VR to office-based eye doctors, we’re dedicated to ensuring that underserved areas and populations in the US and across the world also receive our “Next Generation Eye Diagnostic Screening™” using the latest advanced technologies.

Our new, more accurate and easier technology assists eye doctors in conducting auto-refraction, visual field exams and in assessing serious eye health issues. Because Xenon-VR is portable, it can travel to underserved communities where the need is greatest but where they might not have facilities available.

eye on the prize
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    Our core features

    Virtual tests designed. Market-ready-product will use customized Xenon-VR hardware to meet Goldmann’s exam display standards. Customized hardware allows for a greater amount of different exams available as compared to a limited amount with off-the-shelf hardware.


    Capable of conducting Visual Fields, Color Vision, Contrast Vision, Visual Acuity,  Autorefractor, and Phoropter.


    Xenon-VR tests are easily customizable

    telehealth results

    Administered evaluation generates results in seconds without compromising accuracy or quality of care 

    optimized office

    Results are instantly recorded in electronic records, exported to a laptop backed up in the cloud, and viewable on any mobile device with a SaaS appliation


    Built-in translation software allows doctors to communicate effectively with their patients from an corner of the globe


    Billed using the same codes as the current standard of care

    OUr current status
    the people behind xenon-vr

    With decades of experience, we’ve assembled a team of experts that are poised to bring safe, accurate and cost-effective eye care to every corner of the globe.


    the xenon-vr opportunity

    Working at the intersection of eye care and engineering, we’re advancing the accuracy, speed, and reliability of diagnostic medical equipment used in the eye care industry. Xenon-VR is a low-cost, but stunningly sophisticated ophthalmological device that becomes smarter with each new patient it sees, allowing us to advance the world of eye care health.

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