Xenon introduces VR device for vision diagnostics

ORLANDO – Xenon-VR showcased the Xenon-1, a mobile virtual reality unit designed to perform multiple diagnostic procedures for the eye, here at Vision Expo East.
Xenon chairman and founder Zeshan Khan told Healio that the platform comprises a headset with two modules, a tablet, and the software.
Module 1 is used to perform multiple visual field tests, including 10-2, 30-2, 24-2, SITA Fast, and SITA Faster; and module 2 serves as an autorefractor and phoropter, he said.
“All tests can be performed in less than 20 minutes vs. 90 minutes,” Khan said.
He explained that a technician can place the headset on the patient, but then the device instructs the patient through headphones on how to proceed with the testing. The software occludes the eyes and controls the device, while the patient operates a handheld controller. Visual instructions are provided for hearing-impaired patients.
Kahn noted that preset or customized testing can be used.
An artificial intelligence-driven algorithm archives the exam data in a secure cloud, and the Xenon-1 allows the doctor to view the data from anywhere, he said.
Kahn said a “pre-prototype” was tested in four practices in more than 30 patients. He anticipates that the product will be available in Q1 of 2022.
“Our initial targets are optometrists and ophthalmologists,” he said. “Later stages will target opticians, hospitals, and other doctors.”
The doctor would purchase the device and pay annual licensing fees for software updates, Khan said. The Class 1 device can integrate with any electronic medical record and will be reimbursable. He noted that the unit is not yet FDA-approved.
Nancy Hemphill, ELS, FAAO

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