New Tech Partnership to Deliver ‘Next Gen’ Diagnostic

BELLEVILLE, N.J. and STERLING HEIGHT, Mich.—Vision Solutions Rx, a maker of virtual reality therapy solutions for multiple learning and cognitive disorders, and Xenon-VR, a developer of a virtual reality, medical-grade headset designed for the ophthalmic industry, have formed a technology partnership. In a joint statement, the two companies said their collaboration will enable them to bring to market next generation medical equipment for screening, diagnostics and therapy as soon as first quarter, 2023, according to an announcement.

“This partnership will be able to address issues and problems such as dyslexia, dysphoria and Irlen syndrome,” Jeffrey Williamson, CEO of Vision Solutions and Zeshan Khan, founder and CEO of Xenon-VR, told VMAIL. “Xenon-VR’s patented technology will provide a true telehealth solution that allows doctors to collect medical grade data and diagnosis patients remotely. Doctors and other eyecare professionals will be able to see five times more patients within the same time they are seeing one patient using traditional tabletop equipment.

“These new digital tools and solutions will elevate patient interactions, gain practice efficiencies and increase capacity of insurance covered procedures at a time when there is intense pressure for staffing and throughput,” they said.

Xenon-VR’s first-generation products, Xenon-1 and Xenon-2, integrate artificial intelligence, machine learning, patented optics, eye-tracking and liquid-lens technologies on a patented virtual reality platform. The FDA-registered devices provide multiple eye exams in a headset and function as different eye diagnostic equipment would in an eyecare practice, Khan and Williamson said.

The devices can perform a larger array of tests with greater accuracy than existing equipment, Khan and Williamson said. Xenon-VR offers more than 16 exams, including visual field test, wavefront refraction (objective and subjective), color vision extension vision (D-15), visual acuity (near and far acuity), contrast and low contrast visual acuity, pupillometry, extraocular motility, vision screeners and binocular Humphrey Esterman visual fields.

Click here to see a demonstration of Xenon’s VR headset.

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