About Us

About Us

The X-factor

The current model for eye exams is inefficient for providers and time-consuming for patients. We know there is a better way, and the solution is Xenon-VR™.

Xenon-VR™ has made the first mobile, virtual reality, ophthalmological screening device with the capability to conduct multiple exams in one. It is designed to streamline the eye care diagnostics process and reshape eye care as we know it.


Years of Experience


Medical Professionals


Letters of Intent


Engineers and Developers


The first mobile, virtual reality ophthalmological screening device with multiple exams in one. Xenon-VR™ will streamline the eye care diagnostics process and reshape eye care as we know it.

The human element

What's our secret? Great people.

Our team has over 60 years of experience in hardware and software engineering, biotechnology, medical tech, clinical practice in eyecare and business development.

Our values

Accurate, comprehensive eye diagnosis

Able to perform five automated visual field exams 10-2 24-2 (SITA-Fast, SITA-Faster) 30-2 (SITA-Fast, SITA-Faster)

Unique and potentially revolutionary eye exam device

Portability enables telemedicine with remote eye testing

Costs significantly less than traditional tabletop equipment

Proprietary Virtual reality hardware and software

Trusted by

Board of Directors

Steve Susanibar

Co-Founder, CTO

Dr. Bruce Start, MD

Board of Directors

Michelle Defossett

Board of Directors

Zeshan A. Khan

Founder and CEO

Dr. Robert Gilligan, OD

Chief Medical Officer

Medical and Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Gary Chu, OD

Vice President, Professiona Affairs

Dr. Maria Sampalis, OD

Corporate O.D Alliance

Dr. Vivek Goyal, OD

Ocular Disease Optometrist

Dr. Lynn D. Greenspan, OD, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Dr. Elvin Fenton, OD


Dr. Kyle Hoedebecke, MD, MBA, FAAFP

Medical Director

Dr. Derrick L. Artis, OD

Management Consultant

Dr. David Meltzer, OD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Nita Gala, OD


Dr. Grayson Armstrong, MD

Ophthalmologist & Medical Director

Marketing and Sales Team

Mathew Gilligan, MBA

Medical Director, Utilization Managerment

Alan Yuster

Sales Consultant

Jeffry Martin

Engagement Strategy Consultant

Eye On The Prize

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