Xenon-VR is a portable medical device that conducts multifaceted eye-screening tests to detect visual deficiencies in different regions of the eye. Continual use ON patients REDUCES the risk of developing DISEASES BY DETECTING EARLY SIGNS OF life-threatening eye conditions such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.

Revolutionizing the Visual field test.

Fast, Accurate and Cost-Efficient
  • Xenon-VR tests are easily customized based on patients’ needs and deliver quickly and efficient diagnosis of eye diseases. This benefit frees up the eye-care provider to focus on more revenue-generating services.
  • A Virtual Reality Platform integrated with an Artificial Intelligence-driven algorithm that helps archives eye-exams data in the cloud; XVR is enabling remote viewing and analysis of data for doctors and able to examine their patients remotely.
  • Xenon-VR is a medical device company that has designed and will bring to market the next-generation eye diagnostic equipment for use by ophthalmologists, optometrists, eye-care clinics, and strategic partners that operate in the business of eye-care diagnostics.
  • The Xenon-VR device is designed to streamline the eye-care diagnostics process and reshape the eye-care doctor’s office as we understand it.
Xenon-VR Advantages
  • We are using the latest VR patented technology for our product.
  • Our VR headset has distinct characteristics due to its non-gaming applications that are more focused on enhancing the optics
  • We are not using standard WQDH OLED screen, which produces a minimal frame rate and has a very high Field of View (120-degree horizontal x 135 vertical and 4000 Lumens)
  • We have 4000 Lumens and 2 million micromirrors for display
  • XVR’s product will be able to conduct Visual Field exams thoroughly, (24-2), 10-2,32-2, and SITA faster 24-2C. To complete that exam in the current equipment found in eye offices takes longer than 90 minutes to finish that exam. XVR will complete a full Visual Fields exam in under 20 minutes
  • Remote and mobile-friendly, hence patients and doctors are not required to be in the same room
  • Many companies are working on VR platforms for eye therapy and training reasons. Since, XVR patents their hardware technology, this provides us greater leverage over the company because even if competition tries to tap into our potential market, it will take them at least two years to create similar technology which meets the standard AOA requirements.
  • Being the first mover in the market will put XVR in a perfect position to have advantages over the market. Since we patent our technologies, only things other companies can do is create or copy an eye-exam application on a software level, but none of them are trying to tap into the hardware.
  • XVR’s first stage is to replace ¾ equipment from doctors’ offices and able to produce eye prescription for patients in our early stages. NO ONE in the market is able to do that as of right now in the VR platform, and it would take at least three years before anyone is able to do that.cs
  • We are not using standard WQDH OLED screen, which produces a minimal frame rate and has a very high Field of View (120-degree horizontal x 135 vertical and 4000 Lumens)

Current Problems

Existing Diagnostic equipment

Existing diagnostic eye-examinations are costly, manual, slow, and susceptible to human error and NOT PORTABLE.

Access to Eye-CARE

Patients who need eye-screening most often lack access to an eye-care providers.

Because of that

Eye-care providers are not examining and treating as many patients as they could and not maximizing their revenue potential.

Receiving Exams

Patients are not receiving examinations as often as they need to, thus leaving potential eye diseases untreated and unmonitored.

XVR Solutions
Xenon-VR is Multi-Function

Multi-functional diagnostic screening equipment, designed and built on Virtual Reality Platform  integrated with eye-tracking, AI, & Machine Learning.

Access to portable equipment

Flexibility is also a key component of Xenon-VR’s value proposition and easily customization based on patients’ needs and deliver efficient results.

Increasing revenue & accuracy

XVR excels over existing eye-care technology by increasing the number of patients seen per provider without compromising accuracy of eye-exams.

Reshape Eye-Examination

XVR is designed to streamline the eye-care diagnostics process and reshape the eye-care doctor’s office as we understand it.

our technologies
Xenon-VR is a Virtual Reality platform integrated with eye-tracking, artificial intelligence, and machine-driven technologies to archived eye-exam data in the cloud-based system. A system that helps doctors to have access to their patients’ data online 24/7 and enabling remote viewing and analysis of data and leveraging advancements in the Virtual Reality platform, where the Xenon-VR examination process will reduce the timeframe for doctors to conduct within 10 minutes.
Virtual Reality Platform --- We are trying to redesign the VR platform for Medical.
Machine learning
Eye Tracking
Artificial Intelligence
facts & Achievements

Xenon-VR has 15 patents pending; additional patents are in the process.

XVR’s Patents Pending
300K Raised

Xenon-VR completed Pre-Seed Round from friends and family.

Xenon-VR completed its PROTOTYPE integrated with Advance eye-exams.

Completed Prototype
Examination Validation

Xenon-VR’s prototype exams’ results validation of eye-examations.

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our core values
Xenon-VR being portable can help doctors to focus on their revenue model and increase their patients' volumes.
Cloud-based Solutions
Cloud-based solutions can help doctors to work three times faster and review their patients' full profiles anywhere in the world.
Multi-function diagnostic equipment integrated with eye-tracking software, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Virtual Reality.
Built-in translation software is an indispensable voice and text translator that allows doctors to communicate effectively with their patients from any corner of the globe.


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Dr. Robert Gilligan
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Doctor of Optometry
Zeshan A Khan
Founder & CEO
Dr. Kristine Erickson
Medical Advisor, Doctor of Optometry, PhD
Dr. James P Gilligan
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Front-End Software Engineer

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