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Yes, there are 6 additional tests including; Amsler Grid, Visual Acuity, Color Blindness (color Vision, Extraocular Muscle Test (EOM), Contrast test, and Confrontation field test

Now with Xenon-VR, doctors don’t have to be in the same room, your assistance can place the XVR headset on the patient’s head and all the instructions are within the Xenon-VR’s software.

  • While the exams are happening, your doctor can see it in real-time, and once the exam is finished your doctor can provide a diagnosis of your exam results.
  • The doctor has full control of the exam; they can interrupt the exam while the patient is conducting exam from autopilot to manually process

The first-generation device of Xenon-VR can perform 5+ exams under 20 minutes including calibration of eyes.

Xenon-VR does require a standard 510(K) approval. We are a Class I devise and Novelty product and because of that t will only take us 30-90 days to get approval.



  • Amsler Grid
  •  Humphrey Visual Acuity Analyzer Exam
  • Auto Refraction
  • Phoropter
  • Keratometer
  • Color Blindness (Color Vision)
  • Extraocular Muscle Test (EOM)
  • Contrast test
  • Confrontation field test.

We partnered up with the two biggest distributors in optics in the country. With their help and access to 175 salespeople and 30,000 eye care professionals. The 80% of the sale of Xenon-VR will be from these distributors and 20% will be online sales and trade shows, promotions, and word of mouth. 

As of right now, with our existing prototype, we were able to collect   25+ early-purchase-order and combined of $360,000 

The existing devices can cost anywhere from $60K to $200K, whereas Xenon-VR cost is Only $18K plus first-year annual licensing fee-free. 

This round of investment  is for the following items: 

  • Custom Eye-Tracking
  • Custom VR platform
  • Optics Track for Both Device
  • Marketing & Promotions & Advertising
  • Products Designs
  • FDA 510(k) Approval
  • Reimbursement Code
  • Manufacturing, and R & D
  • Staffing 
  • Legal 
  • Accounting

The Xenon-VR device is another tool to collect data that will help the doctor diagnose eye health issues. It is not, by itself doing, any diagnosis. We are not replacing the role of the doctor.

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