Xenon VR Inc. is developing a unique and potentially revolutionary eye exam device predicated on the use of virtual reality (VR) hardware and proprietary software. The Xenon-VR’s device has the potential to not only streamline eye exams in the doctor’s office but affords the ability to perform eye testing remotely enabling telemedicine. This device allows you as the doctor to spend more quality time with your patients whilst conducting and receiving even more information about their overall ocular health.
Offer your patients the eye exam of the future. Our comprehensive eye exam unit sits comfortably on your patient’s face and shrinks the size of your basic diagnostic pathway—all while optimizing your ophthalmic examination workflows. Conduct visual acuity to visual fields all at the touch of a button and needing minimal calibration.

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Central Testing
  • Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
  • Connects to office networks and EHRs
  • Patients may be tested using their own glasses; no requirement for trial lenses or eye patches
  • Reduce visual field testing time with SITA Faster
  • Shorten your  test time – 20 minute from 10-2 | 24-2| 30-2
  • Micro Mirror Technology
See 10x more patients now with XVR
WHY Xenon-VR
  • The Xenon-VR device can administer an accurate comprehensive, eye diagnosis under 10 minutes
  • Enabling an eyecare professional to treat 10 times more patients per day than current technology/processes allow
  • Increase revenue for the eyecare provider four-fold.
You save SAVE upto $20,000 by using Xenon-VR in your offices.
Increase Your Revenue
  • The versatility and portability of the Xenon-VR device expands the number of possible target markets.
  • The portability of the device and the ability to remote diagnose through the cloud brings the “doctor’s office” to any population.
  • By saving time, optometrists can use their time more efficiently.
  • Xenon-VR streamlines the refraction test process, allowing optometrists to perform more revenue generating services.
  • Greater accuracy can catch a potential eye disorder early before it morphs into a dangerous and costly medical situation later.
Current Solution
  • Requires multiple pieces of equipment to administer eye examinations.
  • Process of administering an eye exam is manual and conducted by a doctor/optometrist who records such data with pen and paper.
  • Time frames to administer an eye exam range from 30 minutes for a check-up to 90 minutes for a more in-depth examination.
  • Eye examinations much be conducted where the equipment is located, which is generally at an optometrists office or at a retail eyewear store.
  • The current process of administering eye examinations is not scalable.
Xenon-VR Solutions
  • Use a single device to administer much of the components of the eye exam.
  • Eye examination is conducted inside a VR headset. Eye tracking software collects data, stores such data in the cloud, and makes such data available to a doctor/optometrist to view and analyze.
  • Time frame to administer a comprehensive diagnosis is 10 minutes.
  • The Xenon VR is highly portable, and its cloud-based software enables eye examinations to be administered anywhere.
  • The Xenon VR solution is highly scalable, enabling the administration of many eye exams around the world with remote viewing and diagnosis.
Delivers an Eye Exam to Every Corner of the Globe
Treatment of Extraocular Muscles (EOM)
Treatment of Visual Acuity
Treatment of Glaucoma
XVR’s ExamS
Visual Field Test (VF)
Extraocular Muscle Test (EOM)
Visual Acuity Test (VA)
Confrontation Field Test (CF)
Color Vision Test (CV)
Contrast Test
Yes, the Xenon-VR headset is highly portable and can be taken anywhere to administer an eye exam. Xenon-VR system can store the patient’s result in the cloud, an eye exam administered in one city can be viewed by a doctor in another city.
Xenon-VR is decentralized access to diagnostic eye-care services and makes such services accessible in any office, school, and corner of the world. Make any location into a mobile diagnostic eye-care unit. Xenon-VR’s portable, cloud-based, the diagnostic eye-care device makes this achievable.
Yes, Xenon-VR’s device will perform multiple diagnostic eye exams simultaneously and streamlines the eye exam process freeing up the eye-care provider to focus on more revenue-generating services such as the monitoring of eye-related ailments from diabetes, ocular infection, dry eye, ocular-related allergies, and glaucoma treatments.
Xenon-VR is working with Insurance Community and have conversations started with top insurances company to use reimbursement, to name a few:
  • HUC Community Plan
  • FCPS-Davis Vision
  • UHC-Spectera
  • Eyemed
  • BCBS-Davis Vision
  • BCBS State of MD Employees (Davison Vision)
Xenon-VR can be billed through insurance using the codes.
  • 92081(Superior 36) 
  • 92082 (Suprathreshold)
  • 92083
For this device, the patient is able to conduct the test with their glasses on. There will also be a holder for trial lenses for patients who do not have their glasses with them.
Xenon-VR is a virtual reality device that is easy to transport and provides even more detail than the current standard of care. This device measures a patient’s functional vision through the use of 8 different angles depicting the exact spot or point of vision that a patient is unable to see.
The Xenon-VR is capable of conducting the 10-2, 24-2, and 30-2 exams at the simulately. And it is capable of using Goldman Standard for simulation sizes while conducting these exams. Future phases of the product will allow for even greater visual field testing.
Xenon VR is currently capable of conducting testing for both eyes within about seven minutes.
Xenon-VR does not need an FDA approval, it is 510(K) exempt, however we are in process of obtaining FDA approval.
Xenon-VR’s initial product will be $20,000, which includes the first year of software licensing, software maintenance, as well as set up for doctors’ offices.
There is an annual fee to maintain software; after the first year, updates, and keep your Xenon-VR up to data as well as up to spec.
IF you still have any other questions regarding the Xenon-VR product, please contact Info@xenon-vr.com.

While we are presently selling in the United States, we are working on regulatory approvals in other countries. Please contact us directly. 

No, each stimuli is presented to each eye individually one at a time while taking the test in the headset. No pauses are needed and easy transition between testing each eye is built in.

Dr. Kristin Kosch
Doctor of Optometry

The Xenon-VR device and software hold promise for future clinical practice and management given its distinct advantages, and I am eager for the launch of the final product!

Dr. Gary Chu
New England College of Optometry
Senior Director of Public Health and Community Collaborations; Adjust Associate Professor
Potential for eye-tracking technology to assess performance and medical education in the field of optometry. There is substantial growth and advancement in eye-tracking technology for healthcare and Xenon-VR will bring that technology for the optometry industry.


Dr. David M. Imondi
Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry
Doctor of Optometry

I am very impressed with what I have seen so far from Xenon-VR. This device could have a significant impact in finally integrating substantial telehealth technology into current eye-care practices.

Dr. Michelle Phan
Doctor of Optometry

Xenon-VR is an exciting and innovative product that will change the convenience and standard of patient care. The concept allows for the evolution of the product and increased patient accessibility. I imagine it continually revolutionizes eye care in the exam room.

Dr. Janelle Fern
Doctor of Optometry

The Xenon-VR allows for patients to be comfortable and focused during visual field testing, eliminating issues of poor positioning and discomfort in bulky traditional perimeters that can lead to inaccurate and unreliable results.

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