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Welcome to The Future Of Eye Examination

The First True Mobile, Virtual Reality Headset, Capable of performing multiple Ophthalmic Examinations in a wearable headset.

Fast. Accuracy. Realiability

Xenon-VR uses the latest advancements in Eye-Tracking Software, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality. Examinations can be easily performed in your office or at remote locations.allowing you to increase patient volumes.​

Why Xenon-VR


Accurate, comprehensive eye diagnosis


Able to perform five automated visual field exams: 10-2 24-2 (SITA-Fast, SITA-Faster) 30-2 (SITA-Fast, SITA-Faster)


Unique and potentially revolutionary eye exam device


Streamlines in-office eye exams and allows for more quality time with patients


Portability enables telemedicine with remote eye testing


Costs significantly less than traditional tabletop equipment

Xenon-1™ Workflow

Introducing Ophthalmic diagnostic To The Digital Age


A technical staff member places the virtual reality headset with the dual adjustable head straps to maximize patient comfort.


The exam administrator determines which tests to run and guides the patient through the exam process.


The administrator uses a tablet with custom-designed hardware and software to record data.


Eye-Tracking technology senses the patient’s eye motion and reports data to the eyecare provider.


Data is available to the eyecare provider in real-time and is safely backed up in the cloud.


After the headset is removed, the unit can be cleaned in less than one minute and made available to the next scheduled patient.


  • Auto-Refractor
  • Phoropter
  •  Visual Acuity Test
  • Color Vision Exams (D-15)
  • Low Contrast Visual Acuity
  • Low Vision Contrast Test
  • 92081- Limited Visual Field Examination
  • 92082- Limited Visual Field Examination
  • 92083 – Extended Visual Field Examination
  • 92015 – Refraction
  • 92283 – Color vision examination

Xenon-VR’s lenses are tunable, shape-changing lenses. With patent-pending Liquid Lens Technology, a refractive error can be corrected for and adapted to each patient’s refractive needs.

Xenon-VR devices do not require an eye patch nor dilation. While the stimuli are presented to one eye, the fellow eye will see a black screen.

Xenon-1 is a Class 1 Medical device and is 510k registered. We have completed all applicable regulatory requirements.

Yes, several ongoing studies are being conducted by two different academic institutions in the United States.

Our impact

Benefiting the community - locally and globally

Xenon-VR is positioned to be the leading eye examination and diagnostic tool used by Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, and other eyecare professionals to administer eye examinations to millions of Americans each year. The XVR device seeks to create a mobile eye-doctor’s office.

◼ Half of U.S. adults receive an eye exam each year, totaling 114 million eye exams.
◼ Existing eye exams can take up to 90 minutes depending on the tests being administered. Results can be swayed by human error to due to the manual process.
◼ The Xenon-VR device can administer an accurate, comprehensive, diagnostic eye exam in under 20 minutes, enabling an eyecare professional to treat more patients per day than current technology/processes allow, and increase revenue for the eyecare provider.

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