Welcome to Xenon-1™

The first mobile, headset device capable of performing multiple ophthalmological examinations in a wearable headset.

Easily Integrate with your CMR System

Export results and easily transfer all of your patient data directly into your billing systems

Xenon-1™ (X-1™)

Provides advanced features to streamline office workflow and reduce errors with Liquid Lens Technology that can instantly deliver refractive correction in a matter of seconds.

Performance Eye-Tracking

Save time with intuitive smart-touch technology and shorten test time with NO MORE chair height adjustments. Our custom eye tracking technology has the highest frames per second tailored to sense patient engagement during exams.

Improve Confidence

Patient test results can all be viewed on the cloud. Doctors can continuously monitor the patient’s eye position utilizing the headset's built-in camera showing a live video feed.

Modules for All Your Imaging Needs

Xenon Ophthalmics™ comes with interchangeable headset modules that help eyecare providers change between many different ophthalmic functions. As a result, a patient can undergo auto-refraction or a visual fields assessment in a single sitting. In the future, more exams will come online allowing the entire exam lane to be taken at once.

Our platform archives and organizes exam data in the cloud for easy retrieval later on while enabling remote viewing and data analysis for eye care providers.

A Simplified Workflow

A technical staff member places the headset on the patient and fastens the dual adjustable head straps for maximal stability and comfort

The administrator uses a tablet to administer and monitor exams. Record results automatically with speech-to-texxt dictation. Write notes right into the exam flow application.

Results are available to the eyecare provider in real-time and is safely backed up in the cloud.

The exam administrator determines which tests to run and guides the patient through the exam process.

Eye-tracking technology monitors the patient eye, analyzes, and reports data to the eyecare provider.

After the headset is removed, the unit can be cleaned easily and made available for the next patient.

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