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The first mobile, virtual reality device capable of performing multiple ophthalmological examinations in a wearable headset.​




The first mobile, virtual reality device capable of performing multiple ophthalmological examinations in a wearable headset.

About Xenon-1™

Xenon-VR™'s portable, cloud-based, multi-functional diagnostic eye-care device uses the latest advancements in eye-tracking software, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality to deliver accurate and cost-effective solutions for eye-care. Xenon-VR™ excels over existing eye-care diagnostic technology.

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Easily Integratable with your CMR System

Export PDF, downloadable results and easily transfer all of your patients data directly into your billing systems.

Xenon-1™ (X-1™)

provides advanced features to streamline office workflow and reduce errors with Liquid Lens Technology that can instantly deliver each patient's refractive correction in a matter of seconds.

Performance Eye-Tracking

Save time with intuitive smart-touch technology and shorten test time with NO MORE CHAIR HEIGHT ADJUSTMENTS. Our custom eye tracking has the highest frames per second to maximize resolution of the video feed X-1™ can be learned quickly and operated easily.

Improve Confidence

All the Patients' test results with our cloud system. Doctors can continuously monitor the patient’s eye position utilizing the headset's built-in camera showing a live video feed.

About Product

Xenon-VR™ has made the first mobile, virtual reality, ophthalmological screening device with the capability to conduct multiple exams in one. It is designed to streamline the eye care diagnostics process and reshape eye care as we know it.
A virtual reality platform integrated with an artificial intelligence-driven algorithm that archives exam data in the cloud, XVR enables remote viewing and data analysis for doctors to examine their patients from a remote location.
Xenon-VR™ software features

A technical staff member places the virtual reality headset with the dual adjustable head straps to maximize patient comfort.

The administrator uses a tablet with custom-designed hardware and software to record data.

Data is available to the eyecare provider in real-time and is safely backed up in the cloud.

The exam administrator determines which tests to run and guides the patient through the exam process.

Eye-Tracking technology senses the patient’s eye motion and reports data to the eyecare provider.

After the headset is removed, the unit can be cleaned in less than one minute and made available to the next scheduled patient.

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Visual Field


Visual Field and Refraction

Frequently asked questions regarding Xenon-1™ and Xenon-2™

What CPT Codes are accepted for this Device

92081- Limited Visual Field Examination
9208- Visual Field Examination
92083- Exteneded Visual Field Examination
92015- Refraction

How do I clean the device?

The Xenon-VR™ device comes with standard sanitary pads to wipe the facial interface on the headset.

What is the regulatory status of the device?

Xenon-1™ is a Class 1 Medical device and is 510k registered. We have completed all applicable regulatory requirements.

Do you offer enterpirce pricing discount?

Yes, any enterpirce or single practice will like to buy Xenon-1™ or Xenon-2 will have discount in minimum of 5 units.

How do I correct for Refraction Error?

Xenon-VR™’s lenses are tunable, shape-changing lenses. With patent-pending Liquid Lens Technology, a refractive error can be corrected for and adapted to each patient’s refractive needs.

Do I need an eye-patch or dilation?

Xenon-VR™ devices do not require an eye patch nor dilation. While the stimuli are presented to one eye, the fellow eye will see a black screen.

Have any research studies been done on the Xenon-1 device?

Yes, several ongoing studies are being conducted by two different academic institutions in the United States.

Do you offer an education discount?

Yes, Xenon-VR™ offer an educatino discount all students, professors or any college or university.

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